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Charlie Green Function Suite

Enjoy a bite to eat or book a private event in the Charlie Green Function Suite

Named after 3-time Scottish Amateur Champion and honorary past president of Dumbarton Golf Club, the Charlie Green Function Suite offers spacious dining with panoramic views of the golf course. Our multi-functional suite serves meals throughout the week outwith private events. 

Check availability for your event or to book a table contact us on 01389 732830.

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Available for Private Event Hire

If you’re looking for a large space to host your event our Charlie Green Function Suite is the perfect venue. With two levels including a large dance floor, the room can be used for small or large groups and is wheel chair accessible.

All functions should be booked by a member. view booking policy

Not a member? Become an Associate member and enjoy the clubhouse facilities including the ability to book private functions.

Enjoy our Golfers Kitchen Menu serving classic pub favourites and hot filled rolls. View our menu below and place your order at the bar.
Winter Opening Hours
Bar Hours
11am – 10pm
Closed – Clubhouse Locked at 4pm
11am – 5pm
11am – 5pm
11am – 11pm*
11am – 11pm*
11am – 10pm
Catering Hours
11am – 4pm
11am – 4pm

* Times will be extended to accommodate functions.

^Soup & Sandwiches available from the bar on Monday-Friday.

Catering is also available outside of these core hours on request. The caterer is happy to stay on if members contact her in advance with their requirements.

All golf parties will also be catered for.

Bar times subject to change for Private & Club Functions, sporting events and member requirements.

Food will be served in alternative areas of the clubhouse when there is a private function on.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Course Open

  • The course is open.
  • Please ensure electric trolleys have winter wheels and that fairway mats are used.
  • Golfers are reminded that roped areas are not just for trolleys, everyone must stay out of these areas unless retrieving a ball.

Thank you



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Current Fees & Playing Times

Ordinary, or Full members can play the course at virtually any time (unless the tee is reserved for competition or team matches. They can participate in all the Match Play competitions and can play Saturday and Wednesday medals. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar. 2023 fee £725 + £70 bar card

Can play every weekday, except between 4 pm and 7 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Play is restricted at weekends – after 4 pm on Saturday and after 1.30 pm on Sundays (Summer hours) Male Restricted members can play in the Wednesday medal competitions, but not Saturday medals, and not in Match Play except the Mixed Stablefords. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar. 2023  fee £525 + £70 bar card

Eligible to belong to this category from age 18 until age 30. (cut-off date is 31 March) Same playing rights as Ordinary Members, but do not have a vote and may not stand for Committee. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar. 

18-20 years old – 2023 fee £360

21-24 years old – 2023 fee £505 + £70 bar card

25-30 years old – 2023 fee £545 + £70 bar card

12 and under £20

13-17 £50

Juniors May not commence play at the following times:
Before 3:30 pm Monday-Friday from 1st Sep to 31st May (outside of school holidays)
Before 3:00 pm on a Saturday between 1st March and 31st October. 

Any member over the age of 65 on 31 March is eligible for Veteran category. Also members who are over 55, permanently retired and who have 15 years continuous membership at the club may apply for Veteran status. Same playing rights as Ordinary Members, or Restricted Veterans, depending on previous category, but may not vote and may not stand for Committee. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar. 

Ordinary Vets 2023  fee £480 + £70 bar card 

Restricted Vets 2023 fee £335 + £70 bar card

New category introduced for people who want to try golf. They must not have been a member of any other golf club previously, and must never have held a handicap. New members can remain in this category for their first year (or part thereof) after which they must choose to move on to Ordinary or Restricted Membership. They may play in competitions once they have obtained a handicap, but may not compete in them. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar.

2023 fee £400 + £70 bar card fee

Granted ON REQUEST to members who have 40 years continuous service and who are 61 years of age or older, or 30 years service and are 65. Restricted members will move into Restricted Life category, with appropriate playing rights, and Ordinary Members will move to Ordinary Life category. Ordinary Life Members continue to have the right to vote, and can serve on Committee. Their membership card entitles them to 15% discount at the bar. 

2023 Playing fee £295 + £70 bar card
2023 Non Playing Fee £0 + £70 bar card

For members whose home address is more than 30 miles from Dumbarton Golf Club. This entitles members to play up to twelve rounds of golf in a year at times relevant to Restricted Membership. No voting rights. Their membership card entitles them to 5% discount at the bar. 2023 fee £120

For non-playing members. Allows members the right to use the club facilities, including attending functions, catering etc. No voting rights. 2023 fee £50

A Social Membership is granted at the discretion of the management committee to members who are unable to play. A Social member being a person, who has only use of the clubhouse facilities, has no voting rights and must have been a playing member. The maximum membership of this category shall be as determined from time to time by the Management Committee. 2023 fee £50

 Lockers £35 per year

Trolley Storage £50 per year.

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